A virtual tour through thick and thin of 2020 with AGOG

If there is something we all agree for 2020 is that this year was unusual and challenging.

In fact for us at AGOG, since our begining in 2016 every year has been a challenge. A challenge to overcome previous success, to point out new goals, to be updated with the latest technology and the most important of all, to offer the best service to our local & international clients, who made out to overcome theirselves even in difficult situations, like the ones we faced.

If we recall some of the events that marked our work on 2020, we can say out loud that we are proud that with all the restrictions and limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we at AGOG, have been running to bring innovation, to overcome those limitations and to collaborate with new and diverse companies by whom we have learned a lot.

We had no idea that we wouldn’t be able to travel this year but for its paradox, we started 2020 with an interview of our founder Keti Gjipali at “Radio Travel” in January, where she was discussing how innovation would shock the world this year.

One of the topics Keti discussed were about Mobile Shopping, 5G Technology, AI as a service, the downfall of apps and the crypto market.

Our focus on the market and its dynamics, lead us to be part of COCEFKS 2020, which took place at the end of Feburary in Tirana. With our paper  “Online Customer Behavior and Engagement” we were part of the International Conference “Challenges and Opportunites of a Contemporary Economy in the Focus of Knowledge and Science”, who brought together academics and researchers from Albania, Ballkans and furthermore. We can not describe the importance it had for us, to exchange ideas and contacts between participants.

But this was not the only conference we participated during 2020. Thanks to our virtual experience during this year, we had the chance to be part of the conference  “Positioning” from “We are Marketers” which lasted for 4 days and was focused on the importance and the way a brand should be positioned.

One of our biggest values that should be taken in consideration is our approach to support innovation, one of the things we have done in the last 4 years. 

Even this year, our support regarding entrepreneurship continued. We’d like to mention the support we gave for “Young Women Entrepreneurs” program which aimed to further encourage entrepreneurial initiatives among girls and women, so that entrepreneurship can be considered as a career opportunity.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Coolab Tirana, we have organised GEW Albania, the largest event in the world regarding entrepreneurship, a collection of hundred activities, competitions and events organised every November by 170+ countries. During GEW 2020, in collaboration with Coolab Tirana, we brought back “Fuck Up Nights Tirana” which was a mix of Live and Virtual events like never before.

In the last 365 days we have done a lot of activities, not forgetting our main focus in the quality of content and not the quantity of it. We were pleased that a part of the AGOG team was invited to share their expertise regarding outbound and inbound marketing on a Webinar organised by AlbAcademy.

Founded by a woman, there was no way we wouldn’t join the “Global Women Club”, to end this year’s events with an important engagement which gave us the opportunity to meet plenty of successful women, to share successes and failures of the business world.

We don’t like talking about the recognitions we get, but we can’t slide away the pride we felt when Top Digital Agency notified us that we were selected as one of the  TOP 10 CONTENT MARKETING AGENCIES for FALL 2020! 

After all, we thank those fantastic collaborators we’ve had durning those 365 days we left behind. Our partners from Albania, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Ireland etc. companies who trusted AGOG to celebrate their victories.

But that’s not our best, we have just started our way to achieve more and to share our knowledge and experience during 2021 with more companies  from Europe and further.

We are AGOG for Marketing and for doing THE BEST we can for our clients!


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