Tips on Social Media for your small business

Maintenance of Social Media is crucial for being in touch with your audience. Creating connections and being there with your presence, shows how much you truly care about your customers. Being active on social media has a number of benefits for business. And there are many many things you can accomplish with your social presence. For example: performing customer service, engaging customers, generating leads, expanding your audience, driving sales, increasing web traffic, gaining valuable insights and feedback, and much more. 

Having that said, we have prepared a short, but essential guide for you. Tips on how you can maintain your social platforms on your own. This will help you to be sure that you’re not interrupting your communication with your audience.

Create a Calendar

A calendar is needed in order to stay more organized and save yourself a lot of struggle. Decide on how often you can show up in your feed with new posts. Check what you can post based on your audience preferences and build a simple strategy on your content. Also, decide which networks are the ones that better fit with you and go a step further by scheduling your content. Luckly some of these platforms offer you a chance of scheduling.

But what can you post on your own?

Whether you’re on Instagram or Facebook Stories never go out of date. And talking about stories, you have two great opportunities. You can go live or just capture some instant photos and share them in your stories. Basically, Instagram itself was named based on the word instant, so it is something immediate. Posting live stories helps you also boost on the algorithm because social media platforms itself wants you to use all of their posting options. Weather is through images, videos, going live, and so on. So definitely take advantage of such features because, at the end of the day, your stories don’t need to be perfect as long as it lasts just 24h. Unless you decide it to save into the highlights sector.

Stay in touch with your audience

Which means that you should consistently reply to comments and DMs. This is very important because this is how you’re delivering customer care, listening to your customer’s needs, and eventually giving a great image of your brand. So don’t ever take for granted DMs and comments, because a lot of businesses would ignore, maybe because of a lot of work, but still your customers matter the most, so make them feel so.

Post on your feed at least twice a week

Being consistent with your feed posts is important also. Try to take some nice pictures and put descriptions based on your intentions. Put descriptions that inform, educated, teach something, give values so that your audience will appreciate your content by liking, commenting, and even sharing by increasing your visibility. Also you can put descriptions for your products if you have something to sell, maybe any offer or discounts. 

Note that almost everyone has an online presence, so be there for your customers. Get in touch and never stop creating better connections with them. Your business stands because of them!

By Valbona


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