E-mail Marketing

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Without the right approach, engaging in marketing through e-mail can harm your brand rather than improve its image and increase leads. Marketing through e-mail remains one of the marketing channels with the highest conversion rates (open rates). Thus, it’s crucial for harnessing productive customer relations.

We at AGOG implement marketing strategies on e-mail that protect the rights of consumers and avoid legal infringements. Thus, we do not use pre-packaged email databases but work with specific email lists of each client. We also create a full marketing funnels for our clients starting from capturing email addresses and subscribes from a target audience to sending follow up email and re-marketing effectively.

By delegating this service to us you free yourself valuable time and resources. Don’t overthink each campaign that you run. Our experts will handle all aspects of a successful email campaign, from crafting appealing content to keeping track of its impact. This is especially important for those in business-to-business industries where much of your work will depend on visitors submitting your email addresses to you.

The importance of delivering marketing messages through email is already proven: 97% of all businesses use it to convert their subscribers into buyers. 76% of subscribers make at least one purchase after receiving a marketing message on their email. Our clients have already learned that their email subscriber lists or target audiences can turn into reliable paying customers.

For your email to get the best results, we put all hands on deck! Yet, we keep things simple. The least thing you want is to overload your subscribers with plenty but poor emails. A superior message sells itself. We trust in you and your customers; it’s this establishment of a mutual belief that ensures no side is let down.

“Stay in touch with your loyal customers; they want to hear what you have in store.”

E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing