Pay per Click/PPC Advertising


Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the most precise marketing strategies. That’s no wonder when you know that you are paying only when prospects actually click on your search, display, or social media ads, rather than paying even when they just scroll through them.

PPC is essentially the SEM expanded in other digital ad ecosystems apart from Search Networks. Thus, our underlying marketing of treating ad campaigns as repeating cycles remains highly relevant. Yet, it now adapts to the specific channels where PPC campaign run. For example, if you are seeking for a subliminal way of gathering basic leads, than a Facebook campaign with lead generation as an objective is ideal for getting the best results: and this campaign is as PPC as SEM. If instead you are seeking to convert people on your site when they express “buying intent”, then a PPC campaign on search is best.

Plenty of other PPC strategies lay out across the spectrum of all ad ecosystem. Yet, without letting our experts handle the bidding strategies of your PPC campaigns, you may miss out on some great PPC advertising opportunities.

There are many ad channels that allow for running PPC ads that you don’t even know about. That’s because PPC functions are not promoted as much as ads based on impressions. Together, we avoid paying for mere impressions and rely on getting actual online business. 

Depending on your business, we identify first the right ad channels for your PPC campaigns. Then, we make the most of them through targeting and retargeting highly relevant and responsive audiences. Let’s get together, use other secret success recipes, and grow your return on ad spend. Let’s make the most out of your budget and bring you closer to your customers. 

“PPC it’s awesome because you’ll only pay for clicks; we make sure those click count!”

Pay per Click
Pay per Click