We’re sharing 5 best ways on how you can organically reach your audience via Facebook and beat that algorithm by highly being ranked straight at your potential customers’ feed.

Engaging Content

According to Facebook, one of the algorithm’s key ranking signals is whether a user has previously engaged with your Page or not. And if no one is going to interact with your brand then a little work is needed at the beginning for increasing your reach on future posts. That means you have to put in more effort so that the algorithm can start to recognize and reward your page’s value. At the end of the day the best way to earn more engagement is to be genuine. Or maybe try curious, funny, interesting, or inspiring content in order to attract people and make them want to engage. 

Post when your audience is online

Recency is another ranking signal that matters as the algorithm selects which posts to show people. But when is your audience online? Usually brand posts perform best between 9am and 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and at noon on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Never post content that will dow-rank you

We know you would never do this anyway. But still, just FYI, here are a few categories of content that Facebook has explicitly stated will get your Page down-ranked immediately:

  • Links to sites that use scraped or stolen content with no added value
  • Borderline content (a.k.a offensive but not prohibited content)
  • Misinformation and fake news
  • Misleading health information or dangerous “cures”
  • “Deepfake videos” or manipulated videos flagged as false by third-party fact-checkers

Post consistently

According to Facebook, pages that post often are more likely to be meaningful to their audience. Therefore, posting frequency is a ranking signal that can affect how high up in the newsfeed your posts are placed. The more you post, the more likely you are to become better ranked.

Use Facebook Ads for organic wins

Note that your brand’s organic content can deepen your relationship with your audience, Facebook ads remain the best way to expand your brand awareness to the 2.4 billion potential customers who use Facebook out there. 

By Valbona

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