Here’s a list of myths about Instagram Marketing, and we will be telling you why these aren’t true:

Likes do not matter

Likes do matter. They help you gauge the relevance of your content to your target audience. More likes mean you’re doing something right. Likes are factored in as engagement, which is part of Instagram’s algorithm. And that determines how high your content will appear in news feeds. Likes will still be a good base for potential retargeting in ad campaigns; you can create ad campaigns based on who has recently engaged with a post.


Stories can’t help you sell

Stories are a great feature for brand awareness and relationship building. And the idea that Stories aren’t effective selling tools is incorrect. Brands with 10,000 followers can add a “Swipe Up” option  that allows users to see and click through clickable links to a site. And this is as way where they can learn more about your products and make purchases. Story Ads– which are run through Facebook and Instagram ad platform– always include these links if you choose to attach them. So go ahead and the results will speak.


Your followers count is way too important

Some brands believe that an enormous follower count is what they should be focused on, but that’s not the case. Unless you’re trying to become an Instagram influencer. Indeed, the follower count does matter; the more people who are following you, the more you can hopefully reach on a regular basis, which is a huge asset. It also signals interest in your account and brand, and it does act as social proof. But your follower count isn’t the most important metric on Instagram.

While your engagement rate is because this will tell you how many of your followers are actually engaged with your content, This is a reason why you should never buy followers. Most of those accounts are fake, and no one is using them. Your follower count will grow , but your engagement rate won’t. In the meantime, don’t worry if your follower count is growing a little slower than you’d like. You can use visibility-boosting strategies like giveaways and using more hashtags, but focus on engaging the audience you have already, too.


Fewer hashtags, the better

On Instagram you aren’t restricted to a short character count and you can add up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Some studies show that 9-11 hashtags seem to be the sweet spot that maximizes engagement and reach, but others say to use the full 30 if you want. But no matter what you choose, remember to do two things: Test your strategies, and shake up the hashtags that you use. By incorporating new hashtags on each post, you’ll be more likely reaching new audience members since you may show up in more feeds.


Follow for Follow technique works

Following anyone else that comes across is not a good approach. Because, once people follow back, they’ll sometimes unfollow you later. The truth is that Follow for Follow can sometimes appear to work, but it often backfires. If you unfollow people, they’ll eventually catch on and delete you, too. These aren’t members of your target audience, and they’re not likely to engage with your content, driving your engagement rates down, and hurting you in the algorithms.

By Valbona

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