If you want customers to keep coming back to your brand, you have to connect with them in meaningful ways. Social media is the perfect place to build these relationships. So, to get started, we’re sharing strategies to build brand loyalty through social media.

Be Responsive

Shoppers often ask questions or leave comments for businesses on social platforms. While you might not be able to respond to every customer, then it’s important to engage with as many as possible. Because responsiveness shows customers that you care about their needs. Which builds their brand loyalty. 72% of millennials said they would be more loyal to a brand that responded to them. On the flip side, being unresponsive can decrease brand loyalty: Example:Starbucks engages directly with customers by promptly replying to comments.

Share Customer Positive Feedback

When a customer leaves a nice review for you, then don’t keep that great feedback to yourself. It’s important to share it publicly on your social media accounts with the customer’s permission. 

By doing so, you’re likely to attract new customers and reinforce current customers’ trust in your business. This is because of social proof, the psychological phenomenon of people’s tendency to follow the crowd. In the case of shopping, that means people place a high value on the opinions of other customers.

Share Content Generated by your Users/Customers

This refers to photos, videos, and other content that shoppers create about your brand’s products. But this content builds trust in shoppers because it is created by customers, not the brand. Invite users to tag your brand and use branded hashtags so you can find their content more easily and share it on your page. And if you share frequently, as a result you’ll encourage participation from shoppers who want their content to be seen by all of your brand’s followers.

Share Your Brand Values

Customers want to support companies that share their values. Share your company’s fundamental principles and you’ll encourage brand loyalty from customers with similar beliefs. Create posts about causes and charities that are close to the heart of your business to show shoppers what your brand stands for. 

By Valbona

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