5 Ultimate Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing is Better

The benefits of in-house marketing vs outsourced digital marketing is a largely discussed matter. There is no clear answer to what works for your business, but most studies have weighed in on hiring a marketing agency instead of relying on an in-house marketing department. 

This doesn’t mean that in-house marketing may not work for you; it only means that, in general, the benefits of hiring a marketin agency outweigh those of establishing an in-house marketing department. This is a general truth mainly because of the following five factors:

  1. Way Lower Costs

Outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency will save you money. Creating and maintainitng a separate marketing department within your business can tank your finances. You’ll bleed money in the form of additional salaries and employee benefits, training costs, and maintenance, just to mention a few. 

According to orbitmedia.com, hiring a full team of marketers in-house can cost a business nearly $ 600,000 a year in salaries alone; not to mention the costs related to research and development, recruitment, supervision, paid vacations, etc. On the other hand, relying on a marketing agency costs only a fixed fraction of what an in-house marketing department would require. 

  1. Unique Gains in Expertise & Experience

When you contract a marketing agency for your business, you gain valuable access to expertise and experience on the matter. Marketing, and especially digital marketing, is a highly dynamic field with new rules, algorithms, trends, and best practices coming up constantly. You alone can’t keep up with these changes and, as a result, your business will fall behind those of your competitors. A marketing agency will make sure you stay on top of trends and ahead of competition. 

Digital marketing efforts cover multiple aspects such as search engine optimization, content marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, and many more, each with at least one person in charge. If you rely on a marketing agency, that person in charge will be a passionate and talented professional. Thus, rather than finding the right people to cover all these needs, hire a digital marketing agency instead. This is the best way to excel in your online marketing. 

  1. Fresh Unbiased Perspective

It’s difficult to look at the bigger picture when you are already in it. This is a challenge many in-house marketers face. Instead of focusing on tackling complex marketing issues, they follow the path that keeps their job safe. This means ignoring profitable solutions for marketing needs; providing the bare minimum becomes a practice.  

When letting an agency handle your digital marketing, you get feedback from the clients’ point of view. Agency guidelines will point to the leaking parts of your business and influence improvements in those areas. This input can also help you discover expanding and scaling potentials for your business you didn’t know were there. The ultimate goal of each business is to turn into a brand and this is easier only with the backup of a competent marketing agency.

  1. Faster Results

A marketing agency delivers results fast. This is another reason why you should outsource the digital marketing activities. This is crucial especially for early business, startups,  and other fast growing companies. In the competitive landscape you should not waste valuable time building up in-house marketing staff. Rely on a marketing agency instead and you’ll reach out your growth goals and manage time better for your business and yourself. 

  1. Consistency

Confusion in your marketing message can lead to loss of brand value and business retraction. Even established brands have suffered by not counting on professional and creative marketing agencies to craft their messaging. Also, they typically sacrifice huge revenue potential by ignoring latest marketing trends and only joining in late in the game. 

Frequency of message delivery remains low in companies with bureaucratic and large structures part of which is also the marketing department. On the other hand, hiring a marketing agency will make sure your brand stays in touch with your most loyal customers and gain new customers from the new generations.  

Now you know the 5 main reasons why you should outsource your digital marketing activities.

If you are a small company and can not afford an agency or marketing department, check out this other article that explains how you can do it yourself.

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